Leora Armstrong


Kingston Polytechnic Art Foundation, Kingston, UK
Chelsea College of Art BA Hons, London, UK

Trustee with Checkerboard Films

Checkerboard Film Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution established in 1979 to document, through the medium of film and video, artists who are making unique and important contributions to the American Arts.

Leora Armstrong grew up  on the Isle of  Islay, in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland.  This early experience  had a profound effect on her  way of making work today. This secluded way of living, in such a remote place laid the groundwork for how she lives and works today.

Armstrong’s work concepts have evolved around the issues of external light and reflection, working with lines, edges and  fields of colour, using various media and on occasion made as multiples.  These reductive, non-figurative images with minimized but often vibrant colour, allow the viewer  to experience the work as a sensed encounter of a place. The  restrained process in her work allows the materials their own individuality.

“There are moments, that one sees when the light is strangely perfect, reflecting not the actual colours but ones that are almost surreal, and yet, it is, for that one moment, the true colour, and that energetic light is so intrinsic.”

It is this intensive experience and its impact that is consistently explored.   The energy created by the meeting of two fields, vertical or horizontal, edges holding on and off magnetically, occasional lines crossing, continually  allows the exploration  to unfold.

Leora Armstrong@2017