Leora Armstrong


Leora Armstrong grew up on Isle of Islay, Scotland, and currently works in the UK and the USA.  She is a multidisciplinary artist, who uses her sensorial experiences to investigate places as the core of her art practice. Armstrong’s research of environments uses tangible mappings of place, where she navigates the fragility of sites. Through this discovery she embraces the erasures, marks, and rhythms of both physical experiences, as well as the sounds and solitude of the place. Viewing this relationship with place as a reciprocal collaboration, intermittently using herself as a vessel of transmission to make work.

The sense of presence is an inherent ingredient to her practice. Like way-finders, our retention of sensory experiences with the earth is participatory, we remain connected to earth/place for it’s/our  preservation. Armstrong’s tangible practice of connection engages with places as both a witness and a voice.The work questions the protean nature of places, meaning, and perceptions, engaging with different concerns, investigating human imprint and touch on the landscape through drawing, painting,  installation,  and literature.



BA (Hons) Chelsea College of Arts, London

MFA The School of Visual Arts, New York

Work is represented in private collections in Europe, USA, Asia and in public collections in

The London Institute, Chelsfield USA, Dechert Inc – London

Leora Armstrong is a Trustee with Checkerboard Films

Leora Armstrong@2023